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“Chloe has changed the game with gut issues!!!!! I recently went to see Chloe a few months ago suffering gut issues that have been interfering with my day to day life. Strict life style change for a while and some natural healing formulas helped restore my gut and overall health. I feel like a new person and don’t have to worry about food upsetting me. Thank you so much Chloe for all your help you are amazing!!!! ”

Telisha Knott

“I cannot recommend Chloe enough. I first met Chloe in early 2018 when I was in absolute agony with extremely painful bloating, fatigue, brain fog, out of whack hormones and low mood. Under Chloe’s evidence based advice and guidance, I soon felt a million times better and knew I was in great hands on my journey to optimal health. Not only does she have the most vibrant and bubbly energy that feels like sunshine, she is an incredibly intelligent, thorough and genuine practitioner who only has your best interest at heart.

Fionnuala Cronin

“I saw the lovely Chloe a few months ago to address a few issues I have. After just the first visit and following Chloe’s advice I have just experienced my first ever painfree period. I cannot recommend her enough. The time she spent with me at my initial appointment was amazing. She showed a great deal of empathy and she genuinely wanted to assist, something I have struggled to find in the past with medical professionals. Her knowledge is so valuable. I look forward to my next visit to address some other issues I have and know I will continue to see her in my journey to good health. Thank you so much Chloe x”

Alicia Wing

“I have seen Chloe over the last few months as I had been struggling with gut issues, tiredness and depression for too long. I have found Chloe and her knowledge to be very helpful and the advice I was given helped greatly and I also shifted some weight. I am now more aware of what I was doing and the effects of what foods trigger my gut and health. I am not wanting to sleep in the day as I was previously and I would recommend anyone struggling to have a chat with Chloe.”

Elizabeth Birch

“Chloe has simply changed my life in so many ways, my skin is so much nicer I have been off my skin meds since I started treatment a couple of months ago and my skin has improved dramatically, my hair is feeling thicker, my mind is feeling sharper, I have more energy, and I feel healthier. The meal plan she wrote me is AMAZING, I think I will forever get Chloe to meal plan for me now. My body is reacting beautifully to the food, I’m fuller for longer I feel satisfied and I don’t have sugar cravings as much anymore.

I cannot thank Chloe enough, she has made my year, thank you!”

Simone Kenyon

“I have spent the last ten years looking for help and answers to my various autoimmune related health concerns, without any real results. Seeing Chloe has been a life changer for me. The treatment based on thorough testing brought noticeable improvement in just weeks. Now, over 6 months later I have a totally different quality of life, more energy, consistency and ability to tackle day to day tasks without so much stress and overwhelm. I highly recommend Chloe and am so grateful to her for all she has done.”

Heather Anderson

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