Supporting your journey to optimal hormonal health.


Are you fed up with uncontrollable mood swings, painful periods and hormonal weight gain?

It’s time to end those constant struggles with your hormone health, by embarking on my personalised hormone harmony program.

My 3-month hormone harmony program aims to treat the root cause of your hormonal symptoms so that you can improve your hormone health for the long term (no bandaid solutions here!).

I believe that true healing requires more than just a one off consultation; it demands an ongoing commitment to your health, helping you to build healthy habits along the way alongside  a supportive partnership that accelerates your path to hormone harmony.

Let me guide you, empower you, and be your unwavering support on your hormone health journey towards a healthier, happier you.


Hormone Harmony

Duration: 3 months

Cost: ($250 deposit, 2x instalments)

Do you experience mood swings, fatigue, irregular menstrual cycles or period pain that are starting to affect your normal day to day activities?

You do not need to live with your hormones ruining your life, it is possible to get into flow with your menstrual cycle by supporting your body’s natural rhythm and reaching hormonal harmony.

In this program I help you to navigate the confusing world of hormone health by finding your individual hormone imbalance and addressing it holistically through diet, lifestyle and the healing power of natural medicine.

Package inclusions
  • An initial deep dive consultation (60 min)
  • 2x Extended review sessions (45 min)
  • Fortnightly accountability check ins
  • Weekly diet diary reviews via an app
  • Direct chat support in between sessions via an app
  • Tailored dietary guidelines and recipe e-book
  • Lifetime 10% discount on natural medicines
This package is suitable for:
  • Heavy painful periods
  • Endometriosis, fibroids or PCOS
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Short or long menstrual cycles
  • Hashimotos or Graves disease
  • PMS and hormonal mood swings
  • Hormonal acne
  • Hormonal headaches or migraines
  • Hormonal weight gain


What my clients have to say

Not quite sure if this program is right for you? Jump on a complimentary clarity call below.

Naturopathic Treatment

Treating the Root Cause of Hormone Issues

The concept of addressing the root cause of healing in hormonal symptoms involves identifying and treating the underlying factors that contribute to the symptoms, rather than just alleviating the symptoms themselves.

During your hormone harmony package I may recommend hormone testing, comprehensive thyroid testing or adrenal testing that can help us find the root cause of symptoms such as painful periods, heavy periods, mood swings, weight gain or acne.

Potential underlying causes to hormone symptoms include but not limited to:

  • Oestrogen excess
  • Progesterone deficiency
  • Chronic stress
  • PCOS (Polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • Insulin resistance
  • Subclinical hypothyroidism or early stages of hashimotos (elevated antibodies)
  • Nutrient deficiencies such as magnesium, zinc, folate, B6 and omega 3’s

Functional Testing

What is functional testing

Have all your blood test results come back normal but you’re still feeling out of sorts?

Functional medicine testing aims to uncover the underlying causes and triggers to symptoms such as mood swings, hormonal acne, weight gain or heavy periods long before a disease presents itself.

Here you will find the types of functional medicine tests I use in my practice to find the root cause of hormonal concerns.

As apart of your naturopathic consultation, I may recommend the appropriate functional medicine test based on your symptoms and primary health concerns. This is not mandatory for all patients but it can be a helpful tool to enhance your treatment and locate the root cause (without the guesswork).

All test kits will be conveniently delivered to your door step, allowing you to collect the sample in the comfort of your own home. This is then express posted to the lab.

The test results will come straight to me where we will discuss your results in detail in your next consultation.


Adrenal health testing

Cost to the laboratory: $150

Have you been feeling anxious, irritable or having problems sleeping? You may benefit from having your cortisol awakening response tested to determine your stress response. Acute or chronic stress can impact your hormone health negatively by preventing ovulation and reducing the production of progesterone. This can drive up irritability particularly in the luteal phase of your menstrual cycle.

The cortisol awakening response is a reliable marker to assess your stress response and the presence of any adrenal imbalances that may need to be addressed.

Hormone testing

Cost to the laboratory: $0 – $399

Are you feeling burnt out, exhausted and hormonally not quite right? Symptoms of low libido, PMS, irritability, and mood swings are all signs of a hormonal imbalance that needs to be addressed. Hormone testing that I recommend ranges anywhere from pathology testing, to the more comprehensive hormone testing called the dutch test complete.

The Dutch Test Complete is the most comprehensive test to evaluate sex hormones, stress hormones, melatonin and their metabolites. This allows me to identify the underlying hormonal imbalance accurately, fast tracking your results without the guesswork.

I also use blood pathology testing which provides a less comprehensive snap shot of your hormone health but is still very insightful and can help to direct our treatment. This is covered by medicare when referred by a doctor.

Thyroid hormone testing

Cost to the laboratory: $160

Have you been experiencing signs of thyroid dysfunction such as weight gain, cold hands and feet, constipation, or hair loss but your blood test keeps coming back normal? This is often because doctors will only test TSH and not test all thyroid hormones, so we’re unable to see the full picture.

It’s not uncommon for T3 (active thyroid hormone) to be low, or thyroid antibodies to be elevated long before TSH goes outside of the normal range.

That’s where comprehensive testing can be really beneficial in catching subclinical hypothyroidsm early, before it becomes a bigger problem.

A full thyroid panel includes TSH, T4, T3, reverse T3 and thyroid antibodies. This is referred to a local Australian lab.


Do you offer payment plans for your packages?
Yes, there is a payment plan option available upon booking your initial consultation at checkout.
Are testing costs included in the package?
Costs of pathology or functional medicine testing such as SIBO breath testing, complete microbiome mapping or dutch hormone testing is not included with in the program cost. The payment for these tests will go straight to the laboratory itself. For pathology blood testing, I aim to work with your doctor or I can recommend a doctor that will be more open to working with a Naturopath for further investigations. Blood referrals through a doctor is covered under medicare. In some cases a doctor may recommend you pay out of pocket for certain tests.
Do you offer your services online?
Yes all programs can be offered through video call which you can choose upon booking your initial consultation. Online video calls are through the secure online system that I use called Practice better.
How do I access natural medicines with an online consult?
Following the consultation, you will receive an invite to join vital.y an online prescription service where you can easily access your natural medicines. The first order provides free shipping and takes approximately 3-7 business days.

If you I have recommended a bespoke herbal tonic, I will ship that directly from my clinic. Alternatively if you are in the area in Alkimos, you are free to pick it up in person.

Can I book a one off consultation?

Yes, an individual initial consultation is available to book via this link (please note there is strictly no extra support outside of single session appointments including emails, instagram messaging or text messaging).

To provide you with the best chance at overcoming your long term digestive and hormonal concerns I highly recommend booking with in 3-6 month packages. This is because long standing health conditions takes time to heal, and though I aim to get you fast symptomatic relief, treating the root cause for long term health requires time.

Packages also help you achieve your goals through accountability check ins, diet reviews and treatment tweaks (in between consultations) to ensure you are on the fastest track to healing.


What my clients have to say

” I saw the lovely Chloe a few months ago to address a few issues I have. After just the one visit and following Chloe’s advice I have just experienced my first ever painfree period. I cannot recommend her enough. The time she spent with me at my initial appointment was amazing. She showed a great deal of empathy and she genuinely wanted to assist, something I have struggled to find in the past with medical professionals. Her knowledge is so valuable. I look forward to my next visit to address some other issues I have and know I will continue to see her in my journey to good health. Thank you so much Chloe x. “

– Alicia Wing

So so grateful for my experiences with Chloe, she has, and continues to, change my life. Would highly recommend her to anyone, especially people who experience chronic pain. My endometriosis, adenomyosis, and PCOS symptoms have reduced so much I haven’t taken pain medication since I began seeing her. I would give her a score of 10/10 as a health practitioner. So glad I took this non-standard health route after battling the general pathway for 14 years.

– Abbey Thomson

When I came to Chloe I had severe endometriosis pain, irregular periods, along with other hormone imbalances, IBS symptoms, gut and liver issues which has led to severe anxiety and nervous exhaustion – which then led to bad eczema flare ups and just a lower quality of life. Chloe has been such an accommodating health practitioner that is both so friendly, empathetic and professional. Health based issues like this doesn’t get fixed overnight and Chloe has been so patient with me and we have together tried to tackle all issues one by one. In just over 7 months Chloe and I have achieved regular period cycles, significant reduction in period pain, little to no anxiety and my mental fatigue is going away!

– Koko Doan

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