Forget what you’ve been told…

You absolutely can live a normal life without bloating, gas, constipation and other

IBS-like symptoms ruining your day.

Reset your gut naturally and improve your digestive health (and your life) – in only 21 days

“I feel amazing!!!”

My gut is so much happier. I’m regular & I can’t remember the last time my digestion felt like this.

Rachael Street

Hello my frustrated health-conscious friend! 

If you’ve been living with symptoms like bloating, gas, digestive pain and irregular bowel habits on the daily…Chances are you’ve forgotten what it feels like to have a happy, regular and settled gut.

You’ve most likely been on the merry go round of:

  • guessing your food triggers
  • trying to get someone to take your symptoms seriously
  • throwing your hard earned money at anyone or anything that promises an answer to your digestive woes

The reason you keep going is because – you CAN NOT and WILL NOT ACCEPT ‘you just have to live with it’, for an answer.

I see you. I hear you. But most of all, my friend, I agree with you…

Many years ago I suffered from poor gut health. So, I truly understand how distressing and disruptive your digestive symptoms can be…

Do your tummy troubles go like this..

⇢ You have bloating after eating. It not only affects the way you feel in your clothes and what you choose to wear. It negatively affects your mood too.

Your gut has zero regularity. One day (or even one hour) you’re constipated, the next you’re running to the toilet. You dream of a day where your gut is like clockwork.

⇢ You’re sick of being told you just have to live with your IBS like symptoms by doctors and specialists, with no sympathy to your bloating and daily digestive discomfort.

⇢  The fear of a gut flare up has you avoiding food to the point of fasting and skipping meals most days to feel ‘semi normal’.

“I have been having trouble with digestion issues for many years. I had done it all before…”

Elimination diets, been tested for coeliac, attended dieticians and other naturopaths and didn’t come up with any food intolerances or reasons for my symptoms. Your programme exceeded my expectations! The support was so helpful, being able to use your recipes or adapt my own was great, I used the meal planners daily which was good to track progress.

Kathleen Haughy

Imagine your life if your gut felt like this instead…

✔ Less bloating, leaving you feeling more comfortable and confident in your clothes. (Without having to suck in that bloated belly).

No more embarrassing excess offensive gas – you can relax and enjoy social gatherings without anxiety.

✔ More regular, satisfying bowel motions, that leave you feeling lighter, less anxious and in a better mood.

Less abdominal pain and tenderness, to the point it’s no longer a daily niggle or concern.

✔ Less likely to flare up at work (or anywhere else). Because you have the confidence and knowledge to make food choices that prevent gut reactions.

“My gut isn’t in my daily thoughts…”

I was suffering from a lot of gas and bloating – I felt like you understood all of the symptoms I was experiencing. Now, theres definitely a lot less gas and the bloating has settled right down.

Ann Manifis

But hey why should you listen to me? …

Hello, and if we haven’t met yet – I’m Chloe.

In the 15+ years I’ve practised as a naturopath, I’ve supported over 1100 health-conscious women with digestive complaints just like yours.

Most of them walked through my door fed up, frustrated and telling me I was their last resort. They were desperate for some answers.

So, the first thing I did was listen to their stories…

More often than not, they had been told the same thing. That the best they could do was just live with their symptoms. It was honestly heartbreaking.

That’s what led me to tailor and perfect naturopathic treatment plans that could alleviate IBS-like symptoms:

✔ Bloating

✔ Constipation

✔ Diarrhoea

✔ Excess Gas

✔ Abdominal pain

and guess what I discovered!

By the second naturopathic appointment (3-4 weeks later), my gut health clients were walking through my door relieved. And ecstatic! 

In only 21 days they were experiencing dramatic shifts in their unwanted digestive symptoms. Even before we received any stool test results back.

Of course, I wanted to reach more people with these treatment plans. But I know, not everyone has the budget or feels ready to work with a naturopath. Or can wait a few weeks for an appointment, so…

I compressed all my clinical gut health experience, knowledge plus countless hours of research into a program aimed at helping you gain digestive relief – naturally. And fast!


“Chloe has changed the game with gut issues!”

Chloe has changed the game with gut issues!!!!! I recently went to see Chloe a few months ago suffering gut issues that have been interfering with my day to day life. Strict life style change for a while and some natural healing formulas helped restore my gut and overall health. I feel like a new person and don’t have to worry about food upsetting me. Thank you so much Chloe for all your help you are amazing!!!!

Telisha Knott – Google Review

 “It’s been 3 months with Chloe, and I can’t even remember what was wrong at the beginning!”

I came to Chloe with a long list of problems (that I have had most of my life). I have had cameras countless dr. visits, seen dieticians, and seen a different naturopath with no real relief. Well, it’s been three months with Chloe, and I can’t even remember what was wrong at the beginning she had to refer to her notes haha. 

Amanda Ellery – Google Review


21 Day Gut Reset

A self paced online gut program guided by naturopath Chloe Dennison to help you gain digestive relief from abdominal pain, bloating, excess gas and irregular bowel motions in 21 days.

What’s Included

 Online Gut Health Portal

Mini educational series on gut health 101, helping you to to understand the why behind the gut health reset and why your gut health took a turn for the worse (and more importantly what to do about it!).

✔ Gut health assessments to track your progress before and after the gut reset.

Weekly video tips to support you during the 21 days.

Weekly mindset rituals by mindset coach and Kinesiologist Rachel Dhanjal to support the gut brain connection.

valued at $400

Three Weeks of Gut Friendly Meal Plans & Recipes

✔ Receive weekly meal plans, with corresponding shopping lists and 50+ recipes (with nutritional information) to help you create nourishing, gut friendly meals without the gut reaction or guesswork.

Grocery cheat sheet handout with my recommended supermarket brands and food products.

Gut friendly snack handout that will help you feel more confident when grabbing something quick and easy (without the digestive upset).

✔ Food reintroduction guide to determine your food triggers easily.


valued at $450


 Gut Relief Remedy Guide 

✔  Fast track your 21 day gut reset results with my gut relief remedy guide to alleviate symptoms of constipation, diarrhoea, excess gas, abdominal pain, bloating and more!

If you choose to use natural medicines to support your 21 day gut reset, you will have access to an online prescription service for ease of purchase with free shipping and a 10% discount.


valued at $250

Valued at $1100

Price: $197

“As soon as I looked inside Chloe’s 21-day Gut Reset program, I knew it was going to be a game changer “

I was blown away by the depth of the information you share in each video. Plus the content is delivered in a way that’s warm, friendly and so easy to understand – not jargony or too complex for a non-naturopath to follow. Little touches like adding the protein swaps for the recipes are super helpful for fussy people like me who want to swap out proteins.

Liz G

How does it work?

Secure Your Spot at a Discounted Price

✔ Secure your spot by purchasing the 21-day gut reset program.

Instant Access to Online Portal

Use your private access to my online portal to:

✔ Complete your gut health assessments.

✔ Upgrade your gut health knowledge through my gut health mini trainings.

✔ Implement your 21 day gut reset with meal plans, shopping lists, and other handouts.

✔ Access Naturopathic protocols for a range of digestive symptoms.

Chloe will open up the chat box function with in the practice better app with in 24 hours after purchasing. If this falls on a Saturday or Sunday, your chat support will open on the next business day.


Wondering whether the 21-day gut reset is a good fit for you?

This program is for you if..
  • You are frustrated by always feeling bloated, uncomfortable and not having regular bowel motions.
  • You are looking to experience less tenderness and pain in your gut.
  • You are seeking a natural approach without medication.
  • You are self motivated to implement dietary and lifestyle changes to turn your gut health around.
  • You feel like your digestive health needs an overhaul but you have no idea where to start.
This is not recommended for you if...
  • You have a history of disordered eating. I really recommend working closely with a health professional to provide you with the 1:1 support that you may require.
  • If you are breastfeeding. There is an increased requirement for calories during breastfeeding which may make it difficult for you to reach these requirements when following the meal plans set out (average is 1800 calories per day). You can always consider the 21-day gut reset at a later date once you have finished breast feeding.


Is the program self paced?

Yes the program is self paced. All modules will be available to access as soon as you log in.

You can then take your time looking through all of the details and begin at a time that suits you most!

Are the recipes suitable for me if I'm gluten intolerant or lactose intolerant?

Yes absolutely! All recipes are gluten and dairy free.


You mention gut relief remedies, do I need to take them to have a successful gut reset?

The natural remedies recommended throughout the gut reset are not compulsory to achieve a reduction in your digestive symptoms. You can achieve digestive improvement with the meal plans, recipes and mindset rituals alone. The gut relief remedies are there to provide less confusion around natural medicines (if you would ever like to use them in the future) and to help fast track your results (optional). 

Is it a live program or pre-recorded?

This program is pre-recorded allowing you to access the information at your own pace.

Can I/should I do it more than once?

You will have access to the 21-day GRP for 12 months. In that time frame, you are certainly welcome to do it a second time if your gut feels off later in the year. For example, after a long holiday, if your gut health isn’t feeling quite right.
In certain cases, you may even want to extend the gut reset by up to 6 weeks. I’ve included a video inside the program where I address these types of *what next* FAQs.

How long do I have access to the content?

You have access to the online portal for 12 months as soon as you join the program. All the handouts are downloadable for you to keep. If you’re unable to complete the 21-day GRP straight away, you can make a plan to get started at a time and date that suits you.

Is it suitable for me if I’m vegetarian?

If you are vegetarian, you can definitely complete the program. You will simply need to substitute the protein in the meal plans when the recipes include chicken, seafood or red meat. Plus, there is also an option for you to create your own meal plan.

Is there any accountability?

This program is a self paced program where I guide you through the program with videos, handouts, and self assessment questionnaires.

If you choose to opt in and purchase the direct chat support with Chloe for 4 weeks, this will commence the day the chat box is open (the next business day). This gives you time to watch some of the modules and get prepared for your gut reset.

Do I have to give up coffee?

For certain people with symptoms of abdominal pain, digestive inflammation and diarrhoea having a break from coffee is recommended...but I have a great alternative for you! Replace your caffeine fix with a dandelion coffee that will support both your digestive and liver health.

Price: $197

(valued at $1100)

“The value of what you have provided is 10x the price you charged. Such value for money.”

Ann Manifis