Your gut is going to thank you! Your 21-day gut reset is on it’s way to your inbox.

 Feel less overwhelmed and alone on your gut health journey with tailored Naturopathic support.

Opt in for 4 weeks of chat support and fast track your results.

(one time ONLY)

valued at: $250

There is honestly nothing worse than feeling alone on your gut health journey – fearing judgement but desperately seeking answers to bloating, excess gas and abdominal pain.

Let me give you that unwavering support and expert guidance alongside your 21-day gut reset.


Naturopathic guidance to answer all your gut concerns whilst on the 21-day gut reset.

How does it work?

✔ Have direct chat support with Chloe (via the practice better app) to receive personalised support during your 21 day gut reset for 4 weeks.

✔ Download the practice better app on your mobile (iphone and android friendly). 

✔ Direct chat support starts the next business day after opting in for the Naturopathic chat support (you will receive an email when this chat function has been activated with in your app). 

What can I ask?

  1. Ask me anything about your gut health and the program!
  2. Clarity around a gut flare up or niggly symptom.
  3. Confirmation on the specific gut remedy’s for your digestive symptoms or ailments.
  4. Advice around deviating from the meal plans or recipes.
  5. Timing of meals to fit your schedule.
  6.  Foods you should prioritise during the gut reset.

and more!

(but please note this doesn’t replace a full consultation with me)

Valued at: $250

Valued at: $250

Yours today for : $97

Your program exceeded my expectations! The support was so helpful!

Elimination diets, been tested for coeliac, attended dieticians and other naturopaths and didn’t come up with any food intolerances or reasons for my symptoms. Your program exceeded my expectations! The support was so helpful, being able to use your recipes or adapt my own was great, I used the meal planners daily which was good to track progress.

Kathleen Haughy

But hey why should you listen to me? …

Hello, and if we haven’t met yet – I’m Chloe.

In the 15+ years I’ve practised as a naturopath, I’ve supported over 1100 health-conscious women with digestive complaints just like yours.

Most of them walked through my door fed up, frustrated and telling me I was their last resort.

They were desperate for some answers. So, the first thing I did was listen to their stories… More often than not, they had been told the same thing.

That the best they could do was just live with their symptoms. It was honestly heartbreaking.

After too many success stories to count, it lead me to create an affordable program, and more importantly a clear starting point for more individuals just like you to start turning their bloating and gut health around for good.