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If you’re living with constant bloating, you’ve most likely been on the merry go round of guessing your food triggers.

  • Feeling frustrated and unsure if it’s gluten, dairy, sugar or even a healthy salad. 
  • You’re so overwhelmed by endless diets on the internet, you have no clue where to start or what to eat.
  • The thought of feeling bloated is causing you so much stress it’s making you question whether skipping meals or fasting is the solution… (it’s not). 
  • And then you’re back at square one, google searching another diet.

Let me tell you, you aren’t alone. But most of all, my friend, I hear you …


Many years ago I suffered from poor gut health, especially bloating, excess gas and abdominal pain.

I had zero guidance on what to eat or where to start, and because of this it took me years to find relief.

That’s why I created the 7 day Bloat Relief Meal Plan.

To take the guesswork, stress and overwhelm out of knowing what to eat to prevent that dreaded daily bloat, whilst nourishing your body and not sacrificing your health in the process.

Eat satisfying meals that won’t leave you hungry or bloated.

But hey why should you listen to me? …

Hello, and if we haven’t met yet – I’m Chloe.

In the 15+ years I’ve practised as a naturopath, I’ve supported over 1100 health-conscious women with digestive complaints just like yours.

Most of them walked through my door fed up, frustrated and telling me I was their last resort. They were desperate for some answers.

So, the first thing I did was listen to their stories…

More often than not, they had been told the same thing. That the best they could do was just live with their symptoms. It was honestly heartbreaking.

After too many success stories to count, it lead me to create an affordable program, and more importantly a clear starting point for more individuals just like you to start turning their bloating and gut health around for good.


7 Day Bloat Relief Meal Plan

Valued at: $150

Valued at: $150

Yours today for : $27

“My gut isn’t in my daily thoughts…”

I was suffering from a lot of gas and bloating – I felt like you understood all of the symptoms I was experiencing. Now, theres definitely a lot less gas and the bloating has settled right down.

Ann Manifis

7 Day Bloat Relief Meal Plan

Valued at: $150

Valued at: $150

Yours today for : $27