Are you experiencing sugar cravings that you’re struggling to kick?

Sugar cravings can be one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome when you first start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Of course there is definitely a place for chocolate in a healthy diet. But if you’re finding that your sugar cravings are constant, there could be something a little off with your diet which is escalating those sugar cravings.

By overcoming sugar cravings, it will help to stabilise your blood sugar to support healthy hormones, clear skin and healthy metabolism.

How to Overcome Sugar Cravings

1. Eat a balanced portion of protein to carbohydrate


The tendency to eating sugary foods and carbohydrates is often caused from poor blood sugar regulation.

This is due to an imbalance between two main macronutrients: proteins and carbohydrates.

At every meal, whether it’s your main meal or a snack, always ensure you are having some form of protein with your carbohydrates to stop your blood sugar levels from spiking and then crashing.

  • Poached eggs on toast
  • Protein powder in your fruit smoothie
  • Grilled chicken or boiled eggs in your salad
  • A handful of nuts with your piece of fruit or dark chocolate
  • If you are vegetarian, lentils naturally provide a great balance between protein and carbohydrates so avoid adding more carbohydrate to your meal

2. Avoid skipping meals

Skipping meals will just end up in disaster.

When you are starving, all logic goes out the window and your sugar cravings are set to max. This is because your body is looking for fuel and anything high in sugar is quick fuel for energy.

Do yourself a favour and ensure you’re eating three main meals a day with two snacks, one for mid morning and afternoon tea (if your main meal doesn’t keep you going to the next one).

If you are prepared particularly with healthier snacks at work, you will be less inclined to take a pit stop at the vending machine.

3. Choose healthier options to satisfy a sweet tooth

I find sugar cravings usually hit the hardest mid morning and after dinner, so having sugar free fixes  or low sugar treats at your finger tips are going to make this transition a heap easier.

Using the natural sweetness of fruit in your desserts are such a great way to curb that sweet tooth without adding additional sugar.

Other low sugar treats include:

  • Mayver’s cacao spread on strawberries or an apple
  • Trail mix of roasted nuts, with chunks of lindt 85% dark chocolate
  • Table of plenty dark chocolate rice cakes (found at Coles or Woolworths)
  • Protein raw balls or bounce raw balls
  • Raw carrots with hummus
  • Raspberry and coconut sorbet

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